The best is yet to come

Lisa Cavalli
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Hi, I’m Cristina. For about 45 years of my life I wasn’t aware of how much I liked motorbikes.
Everything passed normally: school, a man for 24 years, two children.
In truth, I had already tried two wheels: the Vespa to go to school and the scooter when I went to Formentera, but I wasn’t really thinking about motorbikes.
Then the disaster of the separation that devastated me psychologically and financially. Four years on my own and then I meet a black Moto Guzzi California, yes because I always say to Marco (my husband now): “I liked the motorbike before you!”
So I sit in the back and become a ‘trailer’ for a few years but something starts to make its way into my heart: the desire to buy my own motorbike.
I knew that with two children to raise on my own, a sea of debts from my first marriage, it wouldn’t be easy. So I had to sweat and wait a bit until I was 57 and managed to buy an Esmeralda.

I don’t choose it, Marco finds it used and tells me it’s right for me. In reality I fall over repeatedly, I get gagged with anxiety every time I put the helmet on, but I don’t give up and in 2022 I change it and buy “lamiaV”.

I don’t know if she is my ideal bike but she took me to my first MissBiker motorbike meeting so she is special!

Do you know what I do now? You’ll laugh, a financial advisor. I ended up with a man who not only drained me of everything but also left me heavily in the red. In these years of evolution and personal growth I have learnt a lot and at the meeting with Rosaria Iazzetta I realised that what I know I can put to good use, I can ‘teach’ it, I can share it.

Now in my office I dedicate a space to women who need free counselling…it was my intention in September at the motor rally a week before I turned 60.

Life is a wonder because even the worst of experiences teaches you something!

And then as they say: the best is yet to come!


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