MissBiker is the largest network of female motorcyclists in Italy , promoting and supporting women's involvement in motorcycling.



Promote and support women's involvement in motorcycling through training courses and events.


Raise awareness among companies and institutions to expand offerings of equipment, clothing, accessories, services, and spaces for female motorcyclists in competitive sports.


Educate companies on equality in the motorcycling industry.

The beginning

Founded back in 2015 by Lisa Cavalli, CEO of MissBiker, the network serves as a platform for female empowerment, where the “Misses” can embark on a personal growth journey while riding their motorcycles.

A beacon of positive energy, the founder Lisa Cavalli shares:

“I have always loved the world of motorcycling, but it was only a few years ago when I decided to revolutionize my life and get my motorcycle license. It was the best choice I could make. Then I went further and, with MissBiker, I wanted to create a safe space for information, support, and training where the ‘Misses’ enrolled in the community could share achievements, challenges, and solutions. From there, a new and wonderful chapter began.”




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  • Spanish journalist, writer, and motorbike traveler Alicia Sornosa becomes a contributor to MissBiker's blog.
  • MissBiker hosts the Italian premiere of the documentary "Geografie del Coraggio" by Rosaria Iazzetta.
  • Lisa Cavalli is a guest at the BMW Federdays in Pescara to talk about women and motorcycling.
  • Exclusive interviews with motorcycling legends Anne-France Dautheville and Maria Costello, motorbike travelers Kinga Tanajewska, Elena Axinte, Zenith Irfan, Charlotte Rochenard, African motocross champion Tanya Muzinda, and rider Denise Dal Zotto.
  • Motorcycle News includes MissBiker's exclusive interview with Zenith Irfan in its special issue dedicated to female motorcyclists (WOMCN).
  • Lisa Cavalli is invited by FMI for a meeting on the gender gap in the motorcycling industry.
  • Champion Sandra Gomez becomes MissBiker's first internationally renowned ambassador.
  • Exclusive video interviews with top women in the world of motorcycling: Laia Sanz, Ana Carrasco, Maria Herrera, Sandra Gomez, Emma Bristow, Valerie Thompson, and Sara Garcia.
  • Lisa Cavalli becomes a contributor to the corsedimoto.com portal, providing visibility to the world of women's motorcycling.
  • Meta creates a video for MissBiker as part of the #DeserveToBeFound initiative, published on the official page with over 76 million followers.
  • The blog surpasses 500,000 unique visitors in a year.
  • Collaboration begins with the Chinese website Paddock Sorority.
  • The first two ambassadors bring the MissBiker brand to other countries: Naoyu in Japan and Fethiye in Turkey.
  • MissBiker community reaches another significant milestone, surpassing 10,000 members.
  • Lisa Cavalli becomes part of the Boost With Facebook Leaders Network, a Facebook community designed to bring together diverse and pioneering Italian entrepreneurs.
  • Collaboration with InMoto magazine.
  • Lisa Cavalli is invited by Facebook to the inauguration of Binario F, a networking space in Rome. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook's Chief Operating Officer and one of the world's most influential women, attends the event and personally meets five community leaders, including the founder of MissBiker.
  • Fifth national MissBiker motorcycle meetup in Comano Terme, Trentino Alto Adige.
  • MissBiker receives the prestigious international FIM Women in Motorcycling Award, dedicated to the most interesting organizations in women's motorcycling in 2019. The award celebrates and recognizes those who have significantly contributed to improving and developing the presence and awareness of women in all sectors related to motorcycling.
  • Facebook European Communities Summit in London: MissBiker community is designated as one of the six speakers, the only Italian, and defined as "inspiring" for women and groups present.
  • Yamaha Italia commissions MissBiker to create a special XSR 700-based motorcycle, representing the nation at the Wheels & Waves festival. Elena Ermacora of the MissBiker Team rides the XSR700 Yamato for over 1200 km to Biarritz, accompanied by journalists from Ferro magazine and Lisa Cavalli.
  • Fourth national MissBiker motorcycle meetup in Pedavena, Veneto.
  • Nominated for the Film Women Award as one of the ten most important entities in the world of women's motorcycling.
  • Third national MissBiker motorcycle meetup in Alpe Cimbra, Trentino Alto Adige.
  • Nomination for the Film Women Award as one of the ten most important organisations in the world of women's motorcycling.
  • Second national MissBiker motorcycle meetup in Veneto with over 400 attendees and special guests like Manuel Poggiali and singer Laura Bono.
  • MissBiker community is born on Facebook, reaching 1000 members within a few weeks.
  • First national MissBiker motorcycle meetup in Veneto, sold out in 48 hours with 100 attendees from all over Italy.

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