The motorbike awakening: tutorial on checks to be made

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we roamed the streets on motorbikes, and it was sunny too!

At least four or five months have passed since then, and for those of us who have put our motorbikes to sleep (preferably in the garage, on stands and with the battery disconnected), it is time to do the necessary checks so that we can start off again in peace and safety. For those, on the other hand, who continue to use their motorbikes in winter, it is one more opportunity to take a look and make sure that everything is in order!

Let’s start with checking the seals, hoses and oil seals

It’s an easy and simple check that is always better done before than after!

We cast our eye towards the fork oil seals, brake calipers and hoses, brake and clutch master cylinders (if hydraulic). We look at the lower parts of the engine block for drops of obscure and unknown origin, and we look at the pipes and plugs of the cooling system.

Let’s move on to checking and charging the battery

Ideally, the battery should be removed from the motorbike and kept indoors, in a warm place, if it is not used in winter. Regardless of the type of battery, whether traditional or lithium, before starting off, we must ensure that the battery produces and maintains the correct voltage (from 12.5 if traditional, to 13.5 if lithium) this check can be carried out with a simple voltmeter. If the battery is flat we can proceed to charge it with an appropriate charger or maintainer for 12v motorbike batteries (always selecting the 1 Amper/hour option).


Another check that is as trivial as it is important is to check our tyres. The tyres will certainly lose a few tenths of a bar, and if the bike has not been placed on stands, they will have a slightly flatter spot due to the long stop and pressure on one area of the tyre. It is a good idea to maintain the correct tyre pressure (usually indicated on a sticker on the rear swingarm, or in the owner’s manual) by inflating them periodically during the winter period.

Also, if you were thinking of changing your tyres, now is a good time to do it so that you have new, fresh tyres for the summer.


Penultimate check, and perhaps the most important: brake check. It is important to check before you start riding that the brakes are working properly. You check that there are no strange sensations, that the levers do not get stuck and that braking is progressive and efficient. It is also advisable to consult a mechanic to ensure that there are no malfunctions.


It is advisable to clean and grease the chain after the winter period to remove any dirt and old grease.

Last piece of advice: if your next oil change is approaching, don’t wait until you reach the indicated mileage. Take the opportunity to carry out an oil and filter change before you start riding.

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