Not your average New Year’s resolutions

Lisa Cavalli
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It’s a classic. When the new year begins, that fluttering little note with a list of resolutions appears, and just the sight of which makes us feel better: eat healthy, work out more, save money, learn Chinese, read a book a month. The list is long, but often, around February, the note magically disappears, and the resolutions are lost along the road to happiness.

But for us, who love the road and relish leaning on our motorcycle, this year won’t be the same!

Let’s start with some tricks that work for us at MissBiker, to ensure that resolutions materialize:

1. Set realistic goals: Avoid generating unnecessary anxieties. Achieving reachable goals through easy action plans will give us enormous satisfaction!

2. Live in the present: It might sound like words heard too often, but it’s the key to everything. Yesterday and tomorrow, in the end, do not exist…

3. Seek support from friends and family: and we are talking about those who make us feel good and know how to help us, if needed, to achieve our goals.

4. Learn to manage emotions: To avoid influencing our progress.

Things to leave behind to make dreams come true? The fear of change, low self-esteem, weak motivations, and the words of others (enough with listening to judgy people and those unsolicited advice!). In the end, resolutions arise from our desire to improve, so let wishes and challenges prevail!

So, with the arrival of 2024, a new opportunity comes to renew ourselves, grow as human beings and seek new adventures. As female motorcyclists, this is the perfect time to define the path towards our goals, empowerment, and improvement.

Here are some ideas for women motorcyclists, tailored for you by MissBiker!

Resolution 1: Safety

1. Be a Driving Sensei: Enroll in driving courses to enhance your skills and navigate the roads with greater awareness. Learn techniques that allow you to anticipate and respond to potential dangers for safer riding. Need ideas for useful courses? Read here

2. Become the Night Queen: Don’t miss the thrill of night riding! Prepare your motorcycle with reliable lights and wear reflective clothing. Experience the unique experience of riding winding roads under the moonlight, turning your nightly journeys into unforgettable adventures (read here).

3. McGyver on Two Wheels: Sign up for a mechanics course and learn all the tricks to be always ready in critical situations. Your confidence will skyrocket! MissBiker’s suggests: Guides.

4. Wonder Woman, Save Us: Find your active role in the motorcycling community. Participate with your friends in workshops and courses, share knowledge and experiences. Not part of a community of female motorcyclists yet? Here we are! The MissBiker community is already waiting for you! Click here.

Resolution 2: Style

1. Fashionista on the Road: Explore the latest trends in motorcycle fashion, discover new styles of jackets, gloves, and boots, and create a new style for yourself! There are many new products more suitable for the female body that allow us to ride more comfortably. Share your findings in our community! Need ideas? Read here.

2. Pin Up? Romantic? Classic? Sporty? What style does your bike have? She can become a fashion icon too! Give her a unique personality by creating an inimitable look. Personal stickers, super cool accessories, or a combination of colors you like—let your bike reflect your individuality on the road! Here are some ideas: SHOP

3. Become an Influencer! Our community will follow you! Get a good camera to capture your unforgettable motorcycle adventures with style. Create a diary that not only narrates your journey but also inspires other female motorcyclists to enjoy the beauty of the road… and send us your profile!

Resolution 3: Passion

1. Elspeth Beard, Kinga Tanajewska, Anne-France Dautheville… the list of solo motorcycle travelers who have had unique experiences is long. Where did you say you wanted to go? North Pole? Latin America like Che Guevara in the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries”? No matter the destination, prepare everything and go! And don’t forget to share your experience with the MissBiker community! INTERVIEWS

2. Not a lone wolf and prefer the strength of the group when traveling? In the MissBiker community, you can meet many other women, of all ages and from all over Italy (and more countries). Plan a nice trip for 2024 and tell us everything about it! We are sure you will create lasting friendships with your new passionate adventure companions!

3. Offer your help to others: If your passion for motorcycles has changed/saved your life, talk to that person… tell them how you did it! Read girl’s stories.

4. Beauty is around the corner: The North Pole and Latin America by motorcycle are crazy destinations, but remember where you live! We’re sure that a few kilometers away from your home, the perfect curve and the most breathtaking view in history are waiting for you! Some examples here: ROUTES

As we welcome the new year, we hope that these small suggestions can be useful to you, and we remind you that the MissBiker Community is always at your disposal, dear women motorcyclists. And for 2024, we will continue to work to give you the best possible support, with new courses, reviews, experiences, and much more! Together we grow and become the best version of ourselves!

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