Trilobite® Parado Monolayer Black Motorcycle jeans: let the adventure begin

Lisa Cavalli
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Comfortable and safe, the Parado Monolayer motorcycle jeans are stylish and with attention to detail.

It’s a spring morning with an almost summery sun, I only have to look out of the window to clearly see the foothills of the Alps and the desire to go for a nice ride and leave my thoughts at home gets the better of me.

Today I’m wearing Trilobite® Parado Monolayer Black motorcycle jeans (also available in blue), obviously in the lady version. They arrived inside a designer box that also contained a waterproof bag. I immediately find them very comfortable, but I have to take them off to fix the inner velcro of the knee protectors that scratches. This is something that happens to me often with all brands and I hope a different solution can be found to close the pockets of the protectors.

A pair of black motorbike sneakers fit perfectly and complete the look with the Trilobite® cafe gloves and the Trilobite® Roder jacket (reviews coming soon!).

What the Trilobite® Parado Monolayer Jeans look like

The outer material is Tri-Stretcher Pro 5.0 Denim, a durable fabric created from woven fibres of natural cotton, nylon, polyester, Dyneema and elastane. It is a unique fabric and provides outstanding AAA protection (EN17092-2:2020). Lightweight and comfortable, definitely an added value for those who want to feel secure but free in their movements.

The abrasion resistance is 5 seconds at 120 km/h but I hope I never have to test this!

Level 2 protectors, adjustable in height and laterally, are positioned on the knees and hips.

The fit is slim, wrapping the legs well but without squeezing, and there are stretch panels on the knees, back waist and crotch.

The Parado Monolayer has five pockets, two very large front pockets, a small pocket (typical of casual jeans) and two back pockets.

The back waist area is higher and fully covers the most exposed low back areas while the front is lower and covers up to below the navel.

Unlike many other motorbike jeans, this model also provides some ventilation for hot days. On the thighs we find two vertical zips which, thanks to the mesh fabric underneath, allow air to flow. In addition, there is a panel of breathable fabric in the crotch area.

The motorbike test

Comfortable, practical, stretchy and versatile. These Trilobite® Parado Monolayer motorcycle jeans made me feel very ready for any adventure whether in the city or on the hills and mountain passes.

First of all, they are light and, as I have written before, they wrap the legs well, giving a feeling of security.

The elastic accordion parts are well positioned and, in addition to being very aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, allow the body to move without resistance. In the saddle, the seams and protectors are not even felt. Very convenient are the front pockets, which are large and can also hold a large latest-generation smartphone (not when sitting, of course!) or a wallet.

I also appreciated the attention to detail, the stitching to shape the knees, the Trilobite® lettering embroidered in contrasting red, the same colour as the mesh under the ventilation zips, and the double belt loops at the front.

These are jeans designed and created by bikers, you can see and feel it!

The Parado model is a bestseller among Trilobite® jeans and it’s the choice of many riders.

Trilobite Parado Monolayer

The Parado Monolayer model is also available for men.

Sizes: Lady from 26 to 38 (Man 30 to 46)
Price: € 249.95
More information: Trilobite® Motorcycle Jeans

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